Why a Smoking Shelter Could be Your Best Gift to the Smoking Employees


For anyone that smokes, not finding a place to smoke is one thing that gives a person a very hard time. A person will go the depth of doing the unimaginable just to make that smoke. One cannot just smoke in public as not everyone is a smoker and the smoke could negatively affect other people. In big companies and public places you will, therefore, find them setting out smoking zones. However, it is not at all times that one can make use of the smoking zones especially if they are far or the weather conditions are not ideal. Smoking shelters ensure that you as a smoker will at any time be able to smoke without going into too much trouble.

The structure constructed to shied people when they are smoking is called a smoking shelter. They are meant to provide privacy for the smokers as well as protecting the nonsmokers. The smoking shelters are made such a way that they have a roof and side walls or shields. By having a roof and side walls, the fear that smoke will be spread by wind to other people or that the smoker may be rained on are eliminated. When buying one, you may need to know one or two things. Find out for further details  right here.

The legislation that governs the construction of smoking shelters situates that the smoking shelter should be enclosed. What this means that apart from the entrance, the shelter should not have any other opening in the name of a window. The only other open space apart from the entrance should be the vents between the roof and the top of the walls. With this design, smoke will only be able to move up and away from other people. If you are doing the installation yourself or has hired someone to do it for you, always insist that this be adhered to. Read more great facts, click here.

You will find that smokers do not spend a lot of time in a smoking shelter. For this reason, most of them do not have seats. People stand in, finish their business and leave. Seats may, however, be needed in smoking shelters that one is likely to spend a little more time such as that you would have at home or at work. When you make an order for the shelter, always remember to specify if or not you need to have seats on them. However, note that if the shelter is for use by many people, seats are unnecessary as they reduce the space.

The smoking shelter’s construction material is the last thing you need to consider. These shelters can be made using a wide range of materials. The most commonly used materials include metal, tempered glass, and wood. Strong winds, corrosion, and catching fire are some of the things that the material should be able to withstand.


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